I have enjoyed your book so much.  Took it with me on my trip and read it in the car.  Now I am going to read it again and write notes.  It brings back so many pleasant memories and as I ponder them I begin to realize that maybe I really did touch others’ lives.  Nice to realize that.

Your book is easy to read one or two sections and not worry about losing one’s place as in a novel.   My thought is  your book cannot be read in one seating.  One must digest it slowly and then think on it.

You're a rock star!!


I enjoyed your presentation so much! You're definitely a happening woman! 


I just finished reading your book. I found it a charming and interesting recollection of your professional life experiences intermingled with your family life. Your descriptions of today’s life style is so accurate. I enjoyed reading it. Time to start another book.


We wanted to tell you that we are very impressed with your new book—from the very attractive outside to the interesting content.


Just wanted to let you know that I read your most recent book and i loved it. 
It was filled with great advice and I will definitely keep it and bring it to college with me. I will be revisiting it for years to come.


I am slowly re-reading the book - and enjoying it again, second time around!  Over the weekend I picked up your book again.  I like it that you can read it at any point. It occurred to me that after worrying about the punctuation and misspelling errors with you, I never told you how good it is.  I've really enjoyed it and am sure to read it again.


Hi Old Friend,  
I read your book last weekend and I must say you have a real talent. Where did you get all those quotes? It was a very enjoyable journey and there is no a question that we have a very similar philosophy . I wonder if it is do to high school or our Polish upbringing. Good luck in all you do and stay well.

I’m enjoying your book but not yet finished.  I don’t know how you find the time to do all you do!!!  I’ll let you know my thoughts but so far it’s great!

I am so happy for you.  I admire you for writing your book and most especially the message it brings. I sat down and read through the first few stories and really enjoyed the wisdom and humor.  So, on Saturday, I used something I learned in your book about having a captive audience in the car.  I have been trying to get my son to listen to a book I have on Amazon audio called "As Man Thinketh".  He refused and would walk away the few times I attempted to play it for him.  He struggles with some negative self talk and mind chatter so I felt it was important for him to realize that our thoughts determine our circumstances and actions.  So, while driving him back to Atlanta I told him I was getting sleepy and needed to listen to an audio book because that makes me focus.  I played it in the car and he stayed awake and listened with me.  It was great!!!

The book will be keepsake for me.  You and Jim are inspirational in all that you do, especially for others.  Thank you.

I , like you, am now the oldest member of the clan and we all had a good time. I’m so proud of you and all your accomplishments. Good luck with the sales. Let’s stay in touch


Connie, we got back from a stay in the mountain and found that your book had arrived.  The cover is beautiful.  Great job.  We're loaning it to our daughter tomorrow.

I see on Facebook that you have already had several book showings.  I like that you can interact with people by asking them questions that your book highlights.  That makes it fun for everyone. Congratulations again.


I disagree with a few views in the book but discussions are healthy.  I’d like to purchase 2 more copies for my family.


Thank you for traveling and sharing Your Thoughts at our Conference.  You were engaging and inspiring.  Your rapid fire speech and passion clearly came across and I hope inspired us to "collect" our thoughts and share. Many thanks for your time and wisdom.


Thank you for your most enjoyable and inspiring book.  I could not put it down and almost devoured it in one evening.  Your layout of the chapters just kept pace and each page was more intriguing to read.  The inserted art work was beautiful.  I can believe this did take you 10 years to sort out and organize all the stories.  It truly is a work of great art and your passion for the tales you tell really makes a point.  Your family must treasure this masterpiece and it truly is a Legacy of Learning.  

(She sent pictures of OLA fire in Chicago since she was a student nurse at Cook County Hospital.)


Connie, It was indeed a pleasure to have you as our guest speaker. Your presentation struck a chord with our members...We are still talking about you...are your ears ringing?Many thanks for a wonderful heartfelt presentation.


Your book was incredible. A nursing classmate plans to be in touch with you tomorrow and order a book. She has always been a writer of stories, and I think your book will inspire her to get them organized. Many thoughts are in my head to relate to you. I definitely will get another book for my daughter-in-law. With warmest regards,


First of all, I did enjoy reading your book.  I could relate well with what you had to say. My niece in California has young grandchildren. I felt that the book could be more helpful for the young mom so she now has your words of wisdom.


Good book.  Honest sharing and observations.


Thanks, Connie, for your availability to challenge and inform gracefully!


I just wanted to let you know that I shared your book with my women friends at a meeting.  It was well received and they appreciated a good laugh and shared their thoughts.  We all enjoyed the time together.


Thnx for sending your book. Very cute. I donated it to an assisted living facility in Chicago. I think it will be great for them. Again, thanx

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