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Connie Evans has delivered a powerhouse of useful knowledge only gained by a life of living it. Experience is the best teacher and thankfully, Connie has passed her wealth of learning experiences to the public using thoughts and words that each of us has probably felt like saying, but never got around to it.


Her advice for living is “Spot on” and our world would be a much better place if her sage advice was practiced by the populace. May each of us strive to be a “Balcony person” as described in her book: one who pulls others up through tough situations.


She will convince thousands of readers through her simple prose and poetry to live and exemplary life by practicing kindness, laughter, love, and good manners. By teaching our children and grandchildren common decency, thankfulness, and respect in our homes can make a huge difference in our own communities.


“Collecting My Thoughts” is a winner and should be in every home and library and read by every parent. Thank you, Connie for sharing your wisdom and thoughts with each of us.

Cotton Ketchie

Author of six books, photographer, owner Landmark Galleries, Wacovia Board of Directors, Rotarian, nationally renown watercolor artist 

“Collecting My Thoughts” is a book sharing the author’s beliefs and values.  It is special because it not only represents her unique family background, but includes her experiences as a parent, a teacher, a union leader, and a volunteer. The book is easy to read with short chapters that include probing questions after each topic. I strongly recommend it for everyone, but especially for couples starting a life together.


I give it five stars out of five.

Steve Lemasters 

Author of four books, his latest A Mystery Of The Sphere

Connie Evans has written a book you will go back to, over and over again. It’s a cornucopia of thoughts, experiences, observations, statistics, and recommendations about many facets of life. Instead of an organized structure, the chapters are laid out as a buffet on top of the dining room table, and you’re invited to pick as you choose.


The author’s cultural formation must have been before the 1960’s, but she approaches the many changes since then with a clear eye and a loving heart. The broad, comprehensive scope of her experiences and responsibilities serves well as a foundation and qualification for her cultural observations and gentle advocacy.


The writing is interesting, easy and clear, with lots of anecdotes. Most helpful are the statistics inserted when necessary to highlight importance and context. Her points are well made; no focused agenda seems woven within. Far superior to the culture of today, her world view is summed up in her quote of the St. Francis Prayer: “Lord, make me an instrument of your peace…”

Matthew Cramer

Author, lecturer, founder of Cramer Institute & blogger on Sandbox

Connie Evans is a lifelong teacher. Her book is filled with multiple lessons on the three “P’s”; past, present and purpose. Why are we here and what is our calling as parents, children, neighbors and citizens? Have your paper and pen ready for her many questions.  Your reflections and answers must be in writing if you want a passing grade from Connie and from life! Great book!

Paul Leonard

Local volunteer, member International Habitat Board and former CEO Habitat, Author Where Is Church? One Man’s Quest; Music of a Thousand Hammer Inside Habitat for Humanity

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