Collecting My Thoughts, A Legacy of Learning by Connie Evans


Connie Evans collected experiences and life lessons from her 80 years to share with others. Her stories are infused with old-fashioned, middle class (mid-western) values. 


Use the 68 personal stories in Collecting My Thoughts to inspire your own stories as you use the space within the book to pass on to your family. The book is full of thoughts that span the generations. Parents and grandparents share stories with friends but families can gain depth and richness of their lifelong experiences as their stories are shared. 


All the reading she had done had given her a view of life they had never seen.

-Roald Dahl, Matilda


Connie Evans has spent a lifetime in a classroom but her passion is helping others share their stories in a unique format. Her experiences are rich with humor mixed with a bold reflection of her life. Her husband, three children and eight grandchildren will attest to her uniqueness.


What will be your legacy to your family?  What thoughts, goals, and foibles will you share?  Whether it’s grandparent to the youngest or vice versa, some families may be missing basic family stories. These essays, divided into sixty-eight topics, will prompt you to reflect & record special connections of family.

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